Switch Input Method Using a Keyboard Shortcut for Mac

Download Beta v0.14

Mac OS X 10.10 ~ 10.12

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Switch to a specific input method with a shortcut

If you use multiple input methods, usually you use cmd+space to switch. You're noted wrong input method was picked until you start to type.

IMEShortcus lets you switch to input method you want directly with a keyboard shortcut.

Customize Shortcut

Assign a handy shortcut to each input method. Switch to the input method what you want smoothly.

Head-Up Display

HUD tells you which input method is selected. Don't need to move your eye to menu bar. Keep focus on your work.

Seamless service

Serve your request since power on. Small tool and robust service as promised. Just concentrate on your typing.


Questions and Answers.

How do I donate to IMEShortcuts?

There's a Paypal link here. Or send payment to Thank you!

Can I start IMEShortcuts automatically at login?

Yes, you can. Click IMEShortcuts menu icon, go to "Preferences" -> "System" and turn on "Launch IMEShortcuts at login"

Does IMEShortcuts work for Chinese, Japanese, Korean (CJK) input methods?

Yes, IMEShortcuts works. But be sure to turn on input sources shortcuts.

"System Preferences" > "Keyboard" > "Shortcuts" > "Input Sources", check two options "Select the previous input source (⌘space)" and "Select next input source (⌥⌘space)"

Why isn't IMEShortcuts available on Mac App Store ?

Since 2014, Mac App Store required all apps to enable sandboxing. Sandboxing is a security technique which restricts app access right.

It's a great mechanism for safety, but also handicapped input methods switching by third-party app.

To achieve full functions, we have to move out Mac App Store.